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What is MalDuino?

MalDuino aims to offer the best BadUSB experience. In terms of software, MalDuino is programmed via the arduino IDE using open source libraries. Scripts written in DuckyScript can easily be converted into code the MalDuino can understand. Not only does this make it newb friendly, but also makes it possible for experienced arduino tinkerers to program it just like they would an Arduino. MalDuino comes in two flavours, Elite and Lite.


The Lite stores a script on it's 32KB of onboard memory (more than enough space for most scripts). You can write scripts using a text editor and convert them to malduino-friendly code using our script converter. Then you can upload a script using the Arduino IDE, for more in depth instructions see our guide. Then simply unplug the MalDuino Lite, toggle it into ready mode using the switch on the back and you're good to go!


The Lite is the more full-featured device. Instead of storing scripts on it's onboard memory, scripts are stored on a microsd card, so instead of reprogramming the device for each new script, you can simply drop your scripts on a microsd card and you're set. Then a set of dip switches can be used to select between 16 different scripts stored on the microsd card.

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