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How to script?


The syntax is loosely based on ducky script, scripts can be written in any text editor. For the lite once a script is written you'll need to convert it and upload it to the lite, we have a guide for that. The elite is simpler, you simply put the script on a microsd card, again we have a tutorial for that.

But how does the syntax work? Each command goes on a new line and tells malduino what keys to press or how long to wait until the next command.

STRING hello world

This tells malduino to simply type 'hello world'

DELAY 1000

This command tells malduino to pause for 1000 milliseconds (1 second). Delays are important in scripting, because you may have to wait a fraction of a second for a window to appear that you want to type in. Also it is advised you have a delay of a couple of seconds at the beginning of a script in order to give the target computer some time to recognise the device.


The first line here tells malduino to press the 'windows key', thus bringing up the start menu. You can combine this command with the letter 'r' to bring up the run prompt.


Above are a few more examples of what keys can be utilised, for a full list* of commands and a proper explanation of ducky script, see here.

*Currently, PRINTSCREEN, DEFAULTDELAY are non-functional

But I want to use special characters, exclusive to my language

We've got you covered. Certain 'special characters', such as â, ê, î, ô, û, will be converted to Alt-codes in our converter, this means while the characters won't be typed directly, you will be able to achieve the same result. It is important to note that Elite users cannot input these special characters directly into scripts stored in the microsd card, you will need to use the converter to convert these characters to alt codes first. Alt codes are only supported on windows, we don't have a solution for mac/linux at this time.

How can I change malduino's keyboard layout?

Good question, countries use different keyboard layouts, if you were to try to use an English keyboard on a computer expecting a Spanish keyboard layout then most characters would come out looking a bit mangled. To get around this, using the converter you can select which keyboard layout to use before you download the script, this will include the correct keyboard layout in the folder of the script, so when you upload it to malduino the layout will be updated automatically. Since Lite users will be flashing their device for each script, this isn't too much hassle. Though elite users will also need to re-flash their device to change the keyboard layout, see the elite setup guide for a tutorial.

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